The GRID – Revised!

I know we just put out a grid last year, but over the year of really relying on my own version of it I realized how I was using it and what I could do to make it better, so for today we are releasing our new and improved grid!










First Improvement – No more continuous side

I noticed that I never used the side of our previous grid that was written continuously. If I wanted a student to play straight through, we would just play the segmented side straight through.

Second Improvement – Triplet Grid on the back

Having a free side allows putting the two together which makes for a much more natural flow of one to the other. Pedagogically there is now less of a separation between the ideas of two, three, and four note groupings

Third Improvement – Less Mistakes

I don’t know how I left out the 1, &, accents and the e, a, accents on the last one, but they’re in there now. Also, on the triplet grid I have included the continuous every other exercises. Some other grids contain these, some do not. I’d rather leave them in and let you decide




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