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Teaching Tips – You’re The Student

A studio I teach at has a policy where if I can’t make a lesson, if at all possible that lesson gets subbed by another teacher who works at the store. It’s not an uncommon thing, and besides some of the details of how the policy is applied at this particular studio, I like the…

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Technology and Teaching – Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbals

Check out our review on Zildjian’s new L80 Low Volume Cymbals. Zildjian claims these cymbals sound like regular cymbals but are up to 80% quieter. If this is true it changes the game if you are a teacher that has to use a muffled setup. Do they hit their mark? Watch the video to find…

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Teaching Tips – The Form Is A Lie

In this video I recall a recent lesson where we didn’t play the drums at all, and that’s ok. Transcription Below: A few days ago I’m rounding out the end of a long day teaching. I had subbed school in the morning and then come in to teach a full schedule of private students afterward….

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Teaching Tips – It’s On Me

Recently one of my student recitals showed me a major flaw in the way I’ve been teaching drumset. So what am I going to do about it? Have you ever been in a situation like that, where you see a student make a mistake and you know instantly that it’s your fault completely, not theirs?…

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Technology and Teaching – Clapping Music

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is the quintessential representation of phase music. Its simplicity clearly shows the core concept behind phase music and is the perfect and most elegant piece to illustrate the concept that by changing and modifying small fragments of music one unlocks a whole new way of experiencing that music. If you are…


Tales From The Gig – My Grandma Hits Harder Than That

Rereading Dave’s great Tales From The Gig about the mishaps of a monitor mix got me thinking about a story of my own, and while Dave’s is probably due to some technical error, my story comes more from a combination of inexperience and misunderstanding. This story goes back to my late teens. I was in…


Technology and Teaching – iOS Metronome Shootout

Metronomes are a technology that has been almost completely taken over by the smartphone industry. When I was getting started as a  teacher, a decent metronome would run about twenty dollars. If I wanted something with major capabilities I would have to spend over one hundred dollars on either a BOSS Dr. Beat or a…