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Note Reading Chart

This month’s free publication is an easy note reading chart. It is a great companion to our Beginning Bell Kit/Five Note Songs page.

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2016 Publication Pack

Our last publication of the year is …..a collection of the things we published this year. But now they are in one location so you don’t have to go back and download them all individually. Yea! This includes:      The 50 Rock Tunes You Must Know      Our Beginning Percussionist Teacher Pack, which itself includes…

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Publication – Shuffle Beat Blanks

This month’s FREE Publication is another in our series of ‘Beat Blanks,’ a series designed to make writing beats out for students quick and easy. This time we bring you shuffle beat blanks, 4/4 triplet grooves with the middle triplet taken out. Note that the rest has also been deleted in order to facilitate the…

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6/8 Beat Blanks

It’s the third Wednesday of the month, which means time for another FREE PUBLICATION!!!! This time around we’re adding a basic 6/8 into our library of BEAT BLANKS, our series of drumset beat templates that hopefully make your life easier as a teacher. Our hope is that you end up with less time writing and…

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Blank Chart!

This month’s publication is a simple blank chart to help you and your students chart out songs. It has a single staff line with four measures per line and eight lines to a page. The blank chart has a clean design that makes reading those charts easy. They’re great to have on hand when you…

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Basic Timpani Reference

At the beginning of the month I found myself giving a clinic to some sixth graders getting ready to play timpani for the first time. It was the perfect opportunity to clean up my beginning timp handout. One side is a real basic reference on how to tune, strike, and muffle the drums. The back…

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The 50 Rock Tunes You Must Know

Ok – So you caught me. This isn’t exactly a new publication, but there is good cause to promoting this again. At the end of 2014 Drew and I launched The Musician’s Notepad with the 50 Rock Tunes You Must Know list. We wrote a synopsis about each song on the list as to why…

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Beat Blanks – Two Measure Grooves

This month’s publication is another entry in our beat blanks series. The pdf is a one page document containing five two-measure beat blanks with running eighth note cymbal and snare on two and four of both measures. These can be used to write out standard two measure beats or to combine one measure grooves to…

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Beat Blanks

As part of our run of free publications, Musician’s Notepad is launching our Beat Blanks series, which is designed to give percussion instructors easy templates for writing out drumset beats. The first one in the series, launched today, has 10 ‘blanks’ on the page, each of which has running eighth note cymbal hits and snare…

New Publication – Write In The Bar Lines

Last week on the podcast Drew and I discussed that we like exercises that reinforce counting by having students draw in missing bar lines, but that we didn’t have any. I decided to come up with one real quick and share it with everyone. Download it here! Exercises like these are great because they help…