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Publication – Traditional Cross Grip

Today is the first in a series of three on the most popular four mallet grips. We start with the oldie but okayie ‘Traditional Cross-Grip!’

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Teaching Tips – You’re The Student

A studio I teach at has a policy where if I can’t make a lesson, if at all possible that lesson gets subbed by another teacher who works at the store. It’s not an uncommon thing, and besides some of the details of how the policy is applied at this particular studio, I like the…


CHROMEY! – PASIC 2016 Recap

Our interview with Chris Schneberger, one of the handlers of CHROMEY, Neil Peart’s actual drumkit from the early days of RUSH! Join the Chromey Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chromey/ Get involved with Drumstrong: https://www.facebook.com/DRUMSTRONG


Groove Of The Month – December 2016

“Vasoline” – Stone Temple Pilots – 1994 – Eric Kretz – 84bpm At PASIC 2016, I saw both JoJo Mayer and Jost Nickel talk about their interpretative use of the paradiddle on the drumset. In both cases they were at least in part talking about the idea that interpretation of a rhythm is as important…


PASIC 2016 Recap

All the PASIC you can handle in 9 min. This video is more about the experience of PASIC, to get a recount of the clinics Drew attended click here. As of the posting of this video we have 121 subscribers to our YouTube Channel. This is incredibly exciting and humbling for all of us that…


Drew’s PASIC 2016 Recap

Once again, this years Percussive Arts Society International Convention did not disappoint. I spent my three days at the convention as I always do, attending clinics, workshops, meetings, panel discussions, and performances. I also had a chance to check out a variety of new products in the exhibit hall, scour through a great number of…

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Teaching Tips – The Form Is A Lie

In this video I recall a recent lesson where we didn’t play the drums at all, and that’s ok. Transcription Below: A few days ago I’m rounding out the end of a long day teaching. I had subbed school in the morning and then come in to teach a full schedule of private students afterward….

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Teaching Tips – It’s On Me

Recently one of my student recitals showed me a major flaw in the way I’ve been teaching drumset. So what am I going to do about it? Have you ever been in a situation like that, where you see a student make a mistake and you know instantly that it’s your fault completely, not theirs?…


Groove Of The Month – April 2016

“My Doorbell” – The White Stripes – 96bpm – Meg White – 2005 This month we take a look at Meg White’s deep pocket on The White Stripes “My Doorbell.” This groove again falls into the category of very easy to play on its surface, yet much harder to play in the correct feel, which…

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The Drum Pad – Episode 14

Today Otto and Drew discuss how they talk with students about gear and tone. Subscribe in iTunes, listen here, or watch below on YouTube: http://twitter.com/musiciansnotes http://facebook.com/musiciansnotepad https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHQk08F0Xauuzd8_kouH17A