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Soundbrenner Pulse Bodystrap

After much delay, it is finally here – Our review of the Soundbrenner Pulse Bodystrap Well, it’s not exactly an update on the pulse, but our look at a Pulse accessory, the Bodystrap, which is essentially just a larger band so that you can place it just about anywhere on your body. Catch up on…

The Soundbrenner Pulse UPDATE! – Technology and Teaching

It’s finally here, our long awaited update on the Soundbrenner Pulse? Is it truly the next evolution of the metronome, or just an interesting offshoot? Watch as we come to our conclusion! Technology and Teaching is a reoccurring article that focuses on teaching old dogs new tricks to teach new dogs old tricks.

Technology and Teaching – The Metronome by Soundbrenner

“The Metronome” is a metronome app released by the new startup company Soundbrenner. For someone who prides himself on writing the most in depth breakdowns of tech as it applies to teaching percussion, I have to say that this is going to be a fairly short review. The TL;DR of it is “It’s good, not…