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Note Value Chart

This month’s publication is a simple chart of note values. It is a must have for all students and percussion studios! Click here for the chart!: Note Value Chart                          

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12 Bar Blues

This month’s free publication is our 12 Bar Blues Chart. The doc has both a completed chart with a quick explanation as well as a blank chart if you want your students to fill it out themselves. For examples of 12 Bar form, check out our spotify playlist embedded below. (or click here to open…

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans – Charting!

Charting is an extremely important tool for all drummers. The real life situation that I always pitch to my students is this: It’s Wednesday and the phone rings. A friend of a guy you once played a gig with is on the other end of the line and they’re looking for a drummer for THIS…

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Blank Chart!

This month’s publication is a simple blank chart to help you and your students chart out songs. It has a single staff line with four measures per line and eight lines to a page. The blank chart has a clean design that makes reading those charts easy. They’re great to have on hand when you…