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Percussion In Pop Culture – Sidemen: Long Road To Glory

Hot off the tails of Hired Gun is another documentary about the life of the sideman, this one aptly called Sidemen: Long Road To Glory. This movie documents the life and times of three bluesmen that most notably worked for Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. These were guitarist Hubert Sumlin, pianist Joe Willie Pinetop Perkins,…

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Publication – Blues Scale

To add to our 12 bar blues progression handout we decided to add in an easy chart explaining the Blues Scale to help mallet players with their beginning improvisation skills.               Also, I know we missed our publication last month, we’re going to double up in August!  

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12 Bar Blues

This month’s free publication is our 12 Bar Blues Chart. The doc has both a completed chart with a quick explanation as well as a blank chart if you want your students to fill it out themselves. For examples of 12 Bar form, check out our spotify playlist embedded below. (or click here to open…