Freight is a snare drum solo and also the first publication from Notepad Publishing. It is from our upcoming book of solos geared towards students in their first couple years of participating in Solo & Ensemble and other similar festivals. All solos are more than two minutes long and focus on core techniques for students of that age.

From the performance notes:

     Freight is a study in accents and how accents can be used to create a rhythmic melody. To emphasize this point, the solo is created using only sixteenth notes, save two quarter notes used as dramatic landing points. Dynamic change is limited, once again to show the importance of the accent.

Download a sample of freight here: Freight.

This version of Freight is complete. We do not believe that shortening our work will give the performer the correct impression of our musical intentions. However this version has “SAMPLE” watermarked into the solo itself. Our intention is that if you decide that you wish to perform this as a contest solo you will need to purchase a copy. An official copy is $2.50 and can be purchased by clicking the paypal button below. When purchased we will email you a printable PDF version of the solo as well as mail you a print version.

Purchase Freight – $2.50