Groove Of The Month July 2017

Jack And Diane – John Mellencamp – 1982 – Kenny Aronoff – 104bpm

This month’s groove came to me from watching the new documentary on musical sidemen “Hired Gun” and the prominent role of the rock solid Kenny Aronoff in the film. As he talks about in literally every interview he’s ever done, the drum break in the song Jack and Diane was Aronoff’s breakout moment. Today we’re not talking about the breakdown, we’re talking about the groove afterward.

The base of the groove is a big snare backbeat on 2 and 4, with kick on 1, 1a, 2&, and 4&. The interesting part is that Aronoff adds a set of four sixteenth notes on the hihat starting on beat 3 and opens them as he goes creating a crescendo to the backbeat on count 4 to which he adds a floor tom.

A great, albeit obvious extension lesson would be to learn the drum break that intros this groove.

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Groove of the month is a monthly column dedicated to drumset beats that generally do not fall into my standard teaching patterns. They tend to be interesting beats that function on a few different levels, that way the beat can be used with many different students for many different reasons

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