Groove Of The Month – April 2017

“Foreclosure Of A Dream” – Megadeth – 1992 – Nick Menza – 136 bpm

This month our groove comes to us from the chorus of Megadeth’s “Foreclosure Of A Dream.” This was the first double bass song I heard as a young inexperienced drummer that wasn’t an unapproachable display of speed and stamina, and still had taste. It wasn’t dopey or something that you could easily fake with a single pattern, at least not at the level I was playing at. It was my doorway in to metal drumming.

For this groove your hands play a standard quarter note beat. Four ride bell hits with snare on 2 and 4. The kicks are the cool part. They fall on 1, 2+, and a run starting on the + of 3: +a4e+a.

(Groovescribe provided by

As a rule every 4 bars there is a snare and bass double stop with crashes on 3+ and 4e, though the form changes a bit during the guitar solo, which is the section demonstrated.

(Groovescribe provided by

What would you choose for groove of the month, or better yet, what songs got you into metal drumming. Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @musiciansnotes with the hashtag #gotm. You can go back and play through the previous Grooves Of The Month with our Spotify playlist embedded below, and as always please be sure to like, comment, subscribe – all that stuff. Let’s hit it.

Groove of the month is a monthly column dedicated to drumset beats that generally do not fall into my standard teaching patterns. They tend to be interesting beats that function on a few different levels, that way the beat can be used with many different students for many different reasons

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