Groove Of The Month – March 2018

“Express Yourself” – Charles Wright & The 103rd St. Rhythm Band – 1970 – James Gadson – 92bpm

This month’s groove comes to us from the king of the funky 16th note groove James Gadson and the classic “Express Yourself” recorded by Charles Wright and the 103rd St. Rhythm Band. This is also the same tune that is the base sample for the N.W.A. tune of the same name. Using both songs could set up easily as a doorway in to the way that sampling has evolved throughout the years, this one being a clear example of a sample used as whole and then ’sweetened’ with a drum machine.

In true to form fashion, this Gadson groove has running sixteenth notes on the hihat, except for the 4+ which is an open hihat eighth note. Snares are on 2, 2a, 3e, and 4. Kicks are on 1, 1a, 3, 3a, and 4&.

As you’ll see in the beginning I do the intro groove which alternates between a variant measure that emphasizes the e’s and a’s, and the main groove.

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Groove of the month is a monthly column dedicated to drumset beats that generally do not fall into my standard teaching patterns. They tend to be interesting beats that function on a few different levels, that way the beat can be used with many different students for many different reasons


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