Groove Of The Month – January 2018

“Epic” – Faith No More – 1989 – Mike Bordin – 88bpm

I don’t know how this song didn’t make it on our 50 Rock Tunes You Must Know list. I really don’t. I did a triple take when I realized it was missing. I went back and looked at a couple of different versions before the final list. I couldn’t find it. I know it was on there at some point, but it’s not there now. I’m sorry, you really need to know this one.

I’m going to jump in and do both the chorus and the verse on this one. Know that Mike Bordin improvises around these ideas a fair amount in the song. The 2 measure groove in the chorus has running hihat eighth notes and a two and four backbeat. It’s pedagogical cornerstone is it’s bass drum part, which is 1e& a3&, 1e& a3&a

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Bordin drops the hihat for the verse, and turns the backbeats into flams on the snare drum. The bass drum is on 1& a3&a, with double stops on the toms for the 1, 1&, 3 and 3&. Bordin plays this essentially as a two measure groove with an improvised ending on the second measure.

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Groove of the month is a monthly column dedicated to drumset beats that generally do not fall into my standard teaching patterns. They tend to be interesting beats that function on a few different levels, that way the beat can be used with many different students for many different reason

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