Groove Of The Month – February 2018

“Prehistoric Dog” – Red Fang – 2009 – John Sherman – 150bpm

This months groove comes to us from Portland stoner rockers Red Fang and their breakout song from 2009 “Prehistoric Dog.” As with many of our Grooves of the month, this song has many potential spots to be featured, but we’ll be looking exclusively at John Sherman’s 7/4 triplet based groove that happens underneath the first guitar lead as well as the second verse.

This groove starts as a bouncy rock shuffle for the first four beats. Hi hats fall on the quarter notes. Kicks are a broken triplet (meaning on the 1 as well as the let, lee, ah, 2nd tah, or whatever pet name you have for the last section of a triplet) on count 1 and 3. The snares follow suit and do the same for 2 and 4, leaning a little harder into the backbeat than the bounce.

Quarters continue on the hihat for the next three counts. There is a kick on count 5 followed by two snares on the remaining triplet subdivisions. There is a kick on six as well as one on the third triplet, with a snare on the middle triplet. Count 7 is the same as count 5.

This groove is a great intro to odd time because it’s one of those songs that doesn’t really feel like odd time, in a genre where odd time isn’t incredibly common. This one is also a great intro into using ghosted notes for students that are used to slamming all the time.

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