About Drummers You Should Know

At some point during my teaching I realized that my students did not always know the names of the drummers who played on the songs they were performing. I have always been good about giving the student the name of the song they were performing, as well as the band. I used to add the album title, but that is less important in our current single heavy musical environment.

In an effort to help my students know and recognize the artists we are using to scaffold their growth as drummers, I started writing their names next to the song title as well. Then I realized something. I know most of them, but not all. Then anytime I recognized a song I would think if I knew the drummer and I was appalled at the amount of drummers I should know that I don’t.

Thus the periodically recurring article Drummers You Should Know was born to hopefully help us recognize those people who we might not know, but should.