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Publication – Three Camps

Straight Sticking, and Buzz Sticking Three Camps is a traditional solo that most of us will use as part of a rudimental training regimen, most likely to improve our student’s double strokes. It is also a solo that can be used many different ways, as the rhythmic melody is more important than the notes that…


Groove Of The Month – February 2017

“Go With The Flow” – Queens Of The Stone Age – 2002 – Dave Grohl – 160bpm A good drum hook can be more powerful than any guitar riff. There is no band that does it better than Queens Of The Stone Age. Josh Homme, the band’s songwriter, producer, guitar player, and frontman has worked…

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12 Bar Blues

This month’s free publication is our 12 Bar Blues Chart. The doc has both a completed chart with a quick explanation as well as a blank chart if you want your students to fill it out themselves. For examples of 12 Bar form, check out our spotify playlist embedded below. (or click here to open…


Groove Of The Month – January 2017

“A Quick Death In Texas” – Clutch – 2015 – Jean-Paul Gaster – 94bpm We’re doing something a little different this time around in that we are featuring a specific section of a song. In this case it is the bridge from Clutch’s “A Quick Death In Texas.” For this section Jean-Paul Gaster creates a…


Drumming with Santa and 2016 Wrap Up

I didn’t want to do yet another just sitting in front of the camera talking video, so here I am jamming with my favorite Christmas decoration as a text crawl talks about what we did this year. In all seriousness thank you very much for watching, commenting, subscribing, and supporting us through this year! If…

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2016 Publication Pack

Our last publication of the year is …..a collection of the things we published this year. But now they are in one location so you don’t have to go back and download them all individually. Yea! This includes:      The 50 Rock Tunes You Must Know      Our Beginning Percussionist Teacher Pack, which itself includes…


CHROMEY! – PASIC 2016 Recap

Our interview with Chris Schneberger, one of the handlers of CHROMEY, Neil Peart’s actual drumkit from the early days of RUSH! Join the Chromey Facebook Group: Get involved with Drumstrong:


Groove Of The Month – December 2016

“Vasoline” – Stone Temple Pilots – 1994 – Eric Kretz – 84bpm At PASIC 2016, I saw both JoJo Mayer and Jost Nickel talk about their interpretative use of the paradiddle on the drumset. In both cases they were at least in part talking about the idea that interpretation of a rhythm is as important…

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Teaching Tips – Mike’s Drums

The story of my, er, Mike’s drums.


PASIC 2016 Recap

All the PASIC you can handle in 9 min. This video is more about the experience of PASIC, to get a recount of the clinics Drew attended click here. As of the posting of this video we have 121 subscribers to our YouTube Channel. This is incredibly exciting and humbling for all of us that…