I’m not a … Metal Guy

Sometimes as an instructor you are asked to teach subjects you are not completely familiar with. In this series we plan to seek out masters in those areas and find out the best methods not only for starting students off, but the best pathways for you to explore as a teacher. Today I’m not a…

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Publication – Triplet Grid

Coming off the heels of last month’s publication “The Grid,” Musician’s Notepad brings you the Triplet Grid. It’s exactly the same thing, but with triplets! Here’s the exact same description we used for last month, because the exact same things apply: This exercise has many names, but where I’m from I mostly hear it called…

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The Continuing Importance of Personal Drum Instruction in the Digital Age

With all the videos and websites online these days one might assume that the need for one-on-one personalized lessons with an instructor is no longer necessary. However, even with the aid of modern methods to learn a skill like music, and in this case playing the drums, poring over an abundance of video tutorials on…


Groove Of The Month – October 2016

  “My Silver Lining” – First Aid Kit – Niclas Lindström – 102 bpm Click Here for the side by side demonstration video This month our groove comes to us from the Swedish duo First Aid Kit. Drummer Niclas Lindström, no not the famed Detroit Red Wings defenseman, gives us the laid back, solid time…

Lesson Plans

Adding Drums to Drummerless Songs – Part 2

A while back I did a video about one of my favorite lessons, “Adding Drums to Drummerless Songs.” In it I create my own drum part for the Punch Brothers’ version of Josh Ritter’s “Another New World.” The idea is to use this idea to inspire creativity in your students and try to get them…

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Publication – THE GRID

This exercise has many names, but where I’m from I mostly hear it called ‘The Grid.’ It is a progressive set of accents designed to build control and independence between ones dominant and subdominant hand. This publication comes as two pages, one written straight through ‘the grid,’ and the other split into each individual measure,…

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Teaching Tips – Music Is Not Fun

Music is not fun! There, we said it!   Recently I was at a meeting at a studio I teach at. The meeting mostly focused on a few new policies we were going to implement starting in the fall semester. At the end the school director brought up the results of a survey he recently…


Groove Of The Month – September 2016

“You Only Need Me When You’re Down” – Danielle Nicole – 2015 – Stanton Moore – 88bpm This month’s groove comes from rising blues star Danielle Nicole. This was another tune brought to me by a student and I was thrilled when I found the song was performed by Stanton Moore, drummer of Galactic and…

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The Soundbrenner Pulse UPDATE! – Technology and Teaching

It’s finally here, our long awaited update on the Soundbrenner Pulse? Is it truly the next evolution of the metronome, or just an interesting offshoot? Watch as we come to our conclusion! Technology and Teaching is a reoccurring article that focuses on teaching old dogs new tricks to teach new dogs old tricks.

Lesson Plans

A Student’s Last Lesson

There are plenty of ‘first lessons’ out there, but what do you do for a student’s last lesson? Twitter: @musiciansnotes Facebook: Lesson Plans is a periodic column featuring both specific and conceptual lesson plans. They are designed to get you to think as a teacher and to give you a springboard to create your…