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Publication – THE GRID

This exercise has many names, but where I’m from I mostly hear it called ‘The Grid.’ It is a progressive set of accents designed to build control and independence between ones dominant and subdominant hand. This publication comes as two pages, one written straight through ‘the grid,’ and the other split into each individual measure,…

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Teaching Tips – Music Is Not Fun

Music is not fun! There, we said it!   Recently I was at a meeting at a studio I teach at. The meeting mostly focused on a few new policies we were going to implement starting in the fall semester. At the end the school director brought up the results of a survey he recently…


Groove Of The Month – September 2016

“You Only Need Me When You’re Down” – Danielle Nicole – 2015 – Stanton Moore – 88bpm This month’s groove comes from rising blues star Danielle Nicole. This was another tune brought to me by a student and I was thrilled when I found the song was performed by Stanton Moore, drummer of Galactic and…

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The Soundbrenner Pulse UPDATE! – Technology and Teaching

It’s finally here, our long awaited update on the Soundbrenner Pulse? Is it truly the next evolution of the metronome, or just an interesting offshoot? Watch as we come to our conclusion! Technology and Teaching is a reoccurring article that focuses on teaching old dogs new tricks to teach new dogs old tricks.

Lesson Plans

A Student’s Last Lesson

There are plenty of ‘first lessons’ out there, but what do you do for a student’s last lesson? Twitter: @musiciansnotes Facebook: Lesson Plans is a periodic column featuring both specific and conceptual lesson plans. They are designed to get you to think as a teacher and to give you a springboard to create your…

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Musician’s Notepad Beginning Band Percussionist Teacher Pack

This month’s publication is a combination of our three beginning percussionist handouts, How to hold the sticks/Sticking patterns, Beginning Bell Kit/5 Note Songs, and Basic Timpani Instruction and Reference. This is a great pack of handouts for both band directors getting ready to see those brand new percussionists for the first time this fall as…


Drummers You Should Know – Gene Chrisman

In last week’s post we featured the drum part played by Gene Chrisman on Dusty Springfield’s 1968 hit song, “Son of a Preacher Man”. Although I’m certain you knew the song before last week, did you actually know the drummer who played on it? If so, then you may have some idea of just how…


Groove Of The Month – August 2016

“Son Of A Preacher Man” – Dusty Springfield – 1968 – Gene Chrisman – 90bpm This month’s groove is a classic that comes to us all the way from 1968. Dusty Springfield’s “Son Of A Preacher Man” is one of those songs that if you haven’t had to play it yet as a drummer, you…

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Teaching Tips – We’re All Failures

  This time on teaching tips we take a look at the word ‘Failure’ and why it may be the best thing ever! Featured Videos: Timpani Fail: Cymbal Fail: Violin Accident 1: Violin Accident 2: Intro/Outro Song: “Counterfeit Sky” by Failure –

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Publication – The Bell Kit

This week I started another beginner band camp and so it is fitting I share my bell kit handout with all of you. The front tells all about the instrument and how when one is starting out it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it looks. The back side gives a handful of beginning…