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Keyboard Percussion Range Finder

Today’s publication is an essential handout for any beginning mallet student showing them the range of the multiple mallet percussion instruments they will be asked to play.    


So You Want To Be A Drummer, Ep1 – Drew Weber

Today we launch a new series dedicated to showing the myriad of ways there are to make a living as a musician. In this video I interview Head of Drums & Percussion at Midcoast Music Academy, member of Dom Fomularo’s best drum educators list, and Co-Founder of Musician’s Notepad, Drew Weber.


Groove Of The Month – October 2017

Can’t Stand Losing You – The Police – 1979 – Stewart Copeland – 140bpm The idea for This month’s groove came from long time fan and friend of the channel Drew Sparks-Witworth, who suggested we do a Stewart Copeland song. When I thought back I was surprised that We hadn’t done a Copeland groove yet….

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Note Value Chart

This month’s publication is a simple chart of note values. It is a must have for all students and percussion studios! Click here for the chart!: Note Value Chart                          


Percussion In Pop Culture – Sidemen: Long Road To Glory

Hot off the tails of Hired Gun is another documentary about the life of the sideman, this one aptly called Sidemen: Long Road To Glory. This movie documents the life and times of three bluesmen that most notably worked for Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. These were guitarist Hubert Sumlin, pianist Joe Willie Pinetop Perkins,…


Groove Of The Month – September 2017

“Harder To Breathe” – Maroon 5 – 2002 – Ryan Dusick – 75bpm   Sometime this past month a student asked me what the groove of the month was, to which I replied “Maps” to which they replied “The Maroon 5 song?” To which I replied “There’s a Maroon Five song called ‘Maps?” Which got…

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Burton Four Mallet Grip Tutorial

The final in our series on four mallet grips, the formidable BURTON GRIP!

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Stevens Four Mallet Grip Tutorial

Today we feature our favorite four-mallet grip, the Stevens Grip, in our series.


Groove Of The Month – August 2017

“Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 2003 – Brian Chase – 120 bpm This month’s groove is an interesting take on the 3-3-2 that comes to us from Brian Chase and Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2003 hit “Maps.” A 3-3-2 is a 4/4 groove that instead of dividing the pulse into four quarters or a faster…

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Publication – Traditional Cross Grip

Today is the first in a series of three on the most popular four mallet grips. We start with the oldie but okayie ‘Traditional Cross-Grip!’